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Jan Swaren

Jan Swaren

Mallorytown, ON


Hi - I'm Jan Swaren and I was born in St. Avold, France and grew up in Canada. I studied Visual Arts first at Canterbury School of the Arts in Ottawa and then at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

My exhibitions include:

Visual Art: Public Exhibitions

2011: Passion/Power: Stations of Metaphor, Juried Solo Exhibition, Mill Street Gallery, Sydenham, ON
2010: The Wellington Street Gallery, Kingston, ON (on-going members exhibition)
2009: Won Parks Canada Mural/Installation commission, St, Lawrence National Park, Mallorytown Landing, ON
2008: Juried Art Salon, Kingston Arts Council, ON
2007: Juried Art Salon, Kingston Arts Council, ON
2007: Voices, group invitational, Studio 22, Kingston, ON
1997: Agribition, group invitational, Canadian National Agricultural Exhibition, Regina, SK
1996: Brockville Artists’ Guild Annual Show, group members, Brockville Museum, Brockville
1996: CBC Saskatchewan, (station identification with royalties), SK
1995: On the Way to Grandmother’s, solo invitational, McIntyre Street Gallery, Regina, SK
1995: Perth Street Revival, winner of juried mural competition, Brockville, ON
1995: Saskatchewan Arts Board, public collection, Regina, SK
1995: Women at Work, group invitational, McIntyre Street Gallery, SK
1994: Works on Paper, group members, McIntyre Street Gallery, SK
1993: Don’t Touch Her Me, solo exhibition, Springer Lounge, Kingston, ON
1987: Praxis, Artists In Community Education Members, Kingston Public Library, ON
1986: Ain’t It Nice to Know, juried solo exhibition, Hamilton Artists Inc., Hamilton, ON
1985: Shock of the New, group invitational, Spectator Gallery, Hamilton, ON
1985: Art In The Valley, group juried, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON (membership prize)

Artist’s Statement:

This past year has been full of intense change, revealed most visually in my artwork. In the past, I was trying to speak through my work – now, I am trying to listen through my work. I usually start with a visual inspiration – often my own photograph of a plant, rock, or water – and then I pay attention. I try to stay open. I find that my work is simply a journey – the process has been important for my personal growth - perhaps the result will resonate with others.

My goal continues to be to portray the dramatic beauty found deep within all life and to inspire others through the spiritual energy found in light, colour, texture, form and shadow.



Healthy Relationships by Jan Swaren


The Red Box by Jan Swaren


Three Fish by Jan Swaren


Nikki in Mexico by Jan Swaren


Stepping Stones by Jan Swaren


Peaches and Lilacs by Jan Swaren


Light on Books by Jan Swaren


Grandma Reading by Jan Swaren


Forest Morning by Jan Swaren


Garden Fairy by Jan Swaren


Education for Girls by Jan Swaren


Books on a Shelf by Jan Swaren


Beginning by Jan Swaren


Balance by Jan Swaren


Art Class in Afghanistan by Jan Swaren


Dawn by Jan Swaren


Burka by Jan Swaren


Beauty by Jan Swaren


A Bicycle Built for Two by Jan Swaren


Little Cowboy by Jan Swaren


Cow Girl by Jan Swaren


Autumn by Jan Swaren


Gardening with Grandma by Jan Swaren


The Picnic by Jan Swaren


Exploring by Jan Swaren


The Swing by Jan Swaren


Young Girl in Summer by Jan Swaren


Grandparents detail of Summer by Jan Swaren


Summer Detail by Jan Swaren


Summer by Jan Swaren


Child's Garden by Jan Swaren


Family Canoe Trip from Spring 1 by Jan Swaren


Father and Son Detail of Spring 1 by Jan Swaren


Detail of Spring 1 by Jan Swaren


Detail from Spring 1 by Jan Swaren


Spring 1 by Jan Swaren


Reflections on Water by Jan Swaren


Preserve the Blue Gold by Jan Swaren


Deep Waters by Jan Swaren


Breathe by Jan Swaren


Bold Blooms by Jan Swaren


Shy Bloom by Jan Swaren


A Field of Valerian by Jan Swaren


Abstract in Pink by Jan Swaren


Growing Pains by Jan Swaren


Passion by Jan Swaren


Opening by Jan Swaren